Hello, I'm Konnie.
I'm a UX designer and scientist.

From a very young age I knew I liked two things: learning as many things as I could about the world around me and solving problems. My curiosity and analytical brain (and perhaps CSI to some extend) brought me into a literal lab in the UK, creating chemical solutions and studying the behaviour of materials and substances.
Albeit an interesting job, I felt there was still something missing. My interest in the arts and a little poking from friends led me to Udacity’s UX Design Nanodegree.

And it really felt like the missing piece of the puzzle.

In the UX projects I have done so far, I have not only applied the UX principles I learnt in the course, but also used my soft skills, such as empathy and attention to detail, and my artistic skills, like sketching and creative writing, to design simple yet impactful solutions.

UX also gave me the confidence to apply those skills in my current role in a pharmaceutical laboratory and find effective ways of solving problems. By asking the right questions and collaborating with three different departments, I have contributed significantly to the improvement of our internal processes and have successfully introduced UX principles and methodologies to the company.

Currently, I am looking for a UX designer role where I could use my skills to design intuitive solutions that build a trust relationship with clients and add value to businesses.


Find me here.